swMATH ID: 38301
Software Authors: O. Melchert, A. Demircan
Description: py-fmas is a Python package for the accurate numerical simulation of the z-propagation dynamics of ultrashort optical pulses in single mode nonlinear waveguides. The simulation approach is based on propagation models for the analytic signal of the optical field. The software implements various models of the Raman response and allows to calculate spectrograms, detailing the time-frequency composition of the analytic signal. Additionally, a convenience class for analyzing propagation constants is provided.
Homepage: https://omelchert.github.io/py-fmas/
Source Code:  https://github.com/omelchert/py-fmas
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Optics; arXiv_physics.optics; Physics; arXiv_physics.comp-ph; Python; ultrashort optical pulses; z-propagation; py-fmas
Related Software: pyNLO; OptFROG; SPIP; HDF5; Matplotlib; SciPy; Matlab; Python
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A python package for ultrashort optical pulse propagation in terms of forward models for the analytic signal
O. Melchert, A. Demircan