swMATH ID: 38377
Software Authors: Rodriguez, G.
Description: ErresTools: Choosing a regularization parameter by error estimation. This small Matlab toolbox contains some functions for determining a suitable value of the regularization parameter in TSVD and Tikhonov regularization by employing the error estimates described in the papers
Homepage: http://bugs.unica.it/~gppe/software/#errestools
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: least squares problems; regularization; error estimation
Related Software: Regularization tools; lbdtik; LSQR; corner.m; cosereg; UTV; rrgmrestbx; CholeskyQR2; mftoolbox; Matlab; SemiPar; IR Tools; smt; ElemStatLearn; VanHuffel; testmatrix; LSMR; advanpix; mctoolbox; SparseMatrix
Cited in: 43 Publications

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