swMATH ID: 38378
Software Authors: L. Reichel, G. Rodriguez
Description: lbdtik: Tikhonov regularization by Lanczos bidiagonalization. This Matlab function computes the Tikhonov regularized solution a linear system, choosing the regularization parameter by minimizing an estimate of the error. A test driver, (which requires the Regularization Tools) is included.
Homepage: http://bugs.unica.it/~gppe/software/#lbdtik
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: ill-posed problem; Tikhonov regularization; error estimate; Lanczos bidiagonalization; Gauss quadrature
Related Software: ErresTools; Regularization tools; corner.m; LSQR; mftoolbox; cosereg; rrgmrestbx; FAIR.m; NLREG; smt; UTV; tpls; OPQ
Cited in: 15 Publications

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Error estimates for large-scale ill-posed problems. Zbl 1166.65332
Reichel, L.; Rodriguez, G.; Seatzu, S.

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