swMATH ID: 38379
Software Authors: G. Rodriguez
Description: tpls: Fast least squares solver for Toeplitz linear systems. This Matlab functions compute the least squares solution of an overdetermined, full-rank, Toeplitz linear system, by a fast algorithm. The method is based on the computation of the Schur complement of an augmented matrix,
Homepage: http://bugs.unica.it/~gppe/software/#tpls
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: na31; drsolve; hlib; na20; toms729gw; mctoolbox; smt; Matlab; TOEPLITZ; BLAS; CLAPACK; LAPACK; XBLAS; OPQ; CRAIG; lbdtik; ErresTools; Regularization tools; LSQR
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Fast solution of Toeplitz- and Cauchy-like least-squares problems. Zbl 1157.65355
Rodriguez, G.

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