swMATH ID: 38381
Software Authors: M. E. Hochstenbach, Y. Park, L. Reichel, G. Rodriguez, X. Yu
Description: cosereg: regularization by the Comparison of Solutions Estimator (COSE) method. The Comparison of Solution Estimator (COSE) is a strategy for choosing the regularization parameter by comparing the results of different methods. One of the functions in the toolbox is intended for small scale problems, the others are for large scale problems. Both standard and general form can be treated.
Homepage: http://bugs.unica.it/~gppe/software/#cosereg
Keywords: ill-posed problem; Tikhonov regularization; TGSVD; noise level estimation; heuristic parameter choice rule
Related Software: Regularization tools; ErresTools; corner.m; UTV; FDEMtools; PicardREG; LSQR; lbdtik; CholeskyQR2; VanHuffel; mngn; TIGRA; Matlab; smt
Cited in: 19 Publications

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