swMATH ID: 38587
Software Authors: Chen, Yida; Faden, Eric; Ryan, Nathan
Description: KALMUS: tools for color analysis of films. KALMUS is a Python package for the computational analysis of colors in films. It provides quantitative tools to study and compare the use of film color. This package serves two purposes: (1) various ways to measure, calculate and compare a film’s colors and (2) various ways to visualize a film’s color. We have named the software KALMUS in homage to Natalie Kalmus (1882 - 1965), a Technicolor Director who oversaw the color palettes of nearly 300 Hollywood feature films.
Homepage: https://kalmus-color-toolkit.github.io/KALMUS/
Source Code:  https://github.com/KALMUS-Color-Toolkit/KALMUS
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Python; KALMUS; color analysis; films; Journal of Open Source Software; movie barcode
Related Software: DVT; VIAN; OpenCV; Python
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