swMATH ID: 38588
Software Authors: Halter, G., Ballester-Ripoll, R., Flueckiger, B., Pajarola, R.
Description: VIAN: A Visual Annotation Tool for Film Analysis. While color plays a fundamental role in film design and production, existing solutions for film analysis in the digital human- ities address perceptual and spatial color information only tangentially. We introduce VIAN, a visual film annotation system centered on the semantic aspects of film color analysis. The tool enables expert-assessed labeling, curation, visualization and classification of color features based on their perceived context and aesthetic quality. It is the first of its kind that incorpo- rates foreground-background information made possible by modern deep learning segmentation methods. The proposed tool seamlessly integrates a multimedia data management system, so that films can undergo a full color-oriented analysis pipeline.
Homepage: https://www.ifi.uzh.ch/dam/jcr:976a322f-4d01-4fd8-8e8d-e66832958d93/VIAN.pdf
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: DVT; OpenCV; Python; KALMUS
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