swMATH ID: 38701
Software Authors: Karpilovskyi, V. S.; Kryksunov, E. Z.; Maliarenko, A. A.; Fialko, S. Y.; Perelmuter, A. V.; Perelmuter, M. A.
Description: SCAD is an integrated system for finite element structural analysis and design. The unified graphical environment for creating a design model and analyzing the results provides unlimited capabilities of modeling structures from the simplest to the most complicated ones thus satisfying the needs of experienced professionals while remaining beginner-friendly as well. A high-performance processor enables to solve problems of large dimension (systems with hundreds of thousands degrees of freedom under static and dynamic actions). SCAD includes an extensive finite element library for modeling bar, plate, solid and complex structures, modules for stability analysis, determining design combinations of forces, performing checks according to various failure theories, determining the interaction forces between a fragment and the rest of the structure, calculating forces and displacements caused by combinations of loadings. The software also enables to perform the check and selection of the reinforcement in the reinforced concrete structural members, check and selection of the sections of the steel structural members.
Homepage: https://scadsoft.com/en/products/scad
Related Software: METIS; UHM; MUMPS
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