swMATH ID: 38705
Software Authors: Florian Riefstahl, Felix Gross
Description: FastGAPP - A MATLABBased Program Supports Earth Scientists Interpreting Geochemical, Petrological and Sedimentological Data. FastGAPP (Fast Geoscientific Analyses Plotting Program) is a MATLAB-based graphical user interface. It is developed to quickly explore and interpret geochemical major and trace element analyses of igneous rocks in over 100 published classification and discrimination plots, variation diagrams and normalised rare-earth element and multi-elements plots. All plots can be modified (fonts, lines, frame etc.) to produce publication-ready and high-quality raster or vector graphics. Among geochemical analyses of magmatic rocks, several other sub-programs are integrated to display petrographic analyses of igneous rocks, composition and grain size analyses of sedimentary rocks, and grain size analyses of soils. FastGAPP also provides several tools to support data handling, to extend the integrated geochemical databases and/or even create new sub-programs for different fields of geosciences. FastGAPP v2.0 is available on GitHub and Zenodo.
Homepage: https://openresearchsoftware.metajnl.com/articles/10.5334/jors.333/
Source Code:  https://github.com/FloZenReef/FastGAPP
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: MATLAB; Geosciences; Petrography; Petrology; Geochemistry; Sedimentology; Journal of Open Research Software; FastGAPP
Related Software: GCDkit; GeoPyTool; GeoKit; GCDPlot; CGDK; GeoPlot; PetroPlot; PetroGraph; Matlab
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