swMATH ID: 38706
Software Authors: Petrelli M, Poli G, Perugini D, Peccerillo A.
Description: PetroGraph: A new software to visualize, model, and present geochemical data in igneous petrology. A new software, PetroGraph, has been developed to visualize, elaborate, and model geochemical data for igneous petrology purposes. The software is able to plot data on several different diagrams, including a large number of classification and “petrotectonic” plots. PetroGraph gives the opportunity to handle large geochemical data sets in a single program without the need of passing from one software to the other as usually happens in petrologic data handling. Along with these basic functions, PetroGraph contains a wide choice of modeling possibilities, from major element mass balance calculations to the most common partial melting and magma evolution models based on trace element and isotopic data. Results and graphs can be exported as vector graphics in publication-quality form, or they can be copied and pasted within the most common graphics programs for further modifications. All these features make PetroGraph one of the most complete software presently available for igneous petrology research.
Homepage: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2005GC000932
Dependencies: Visual Basic
Related Software: CGDK; GeoKit; GCDPlot; GeoPlot; GCDkit; PetroPlot; GeoPyTool; Ge0-calc; MTpy; ObsPy; Excel; Python; Matlab; FastGAPP
Cited in: 0 Publications