swMATH ID: 38707
Software Authors: Su Y, Langmuir CH, Asimow PD.
Description: PetroPlot: A plotting and data management tool set for Microsoft Excel. PetroPlot is a 4000-line software code written in Visual Basic for the spreadsheet program Excel that automates plotting and data management tasks for large amount of data. The major plotting functions include: automation of large numbers of multiseries XY plots; normalized diagrams (e.g., spider diagrams); replotting of any complex formatted diagram with multiple series for any other axis parameters; addition of customized labels for individual data points; and labeling flexible log scale axes. Other functions include: assignment of groups for samples based on multiple customized criteria; removal of nonnumeric values; calculation of averages/standard deviations; calculation of correlation matrices; deletion of nonconsecutive rows; and compilation of multiple rows of data for a single sample to single rows appropriate for plotting. A cubic spline function permits curve fitting to complex time series, and comparison of data to the fits. For users of Excel, PetroPlot increases efficiency of data manipulation and visualization by orders of magnitude and allows exploration of large data sets that would not be possible making plots individually. The source codes are open to all users.
Homepage: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2002GC000323
Dependencies: Visual Basic; Excel
Related Software: CGDK; GeoKit; GCDPlot; GeoPlot; PetroGraph; GCDkit; GeoPyTool; Ge0-calc; MTpy; ObsPy; Excel; Python; Matlab; FastGAPP
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