swMATH ID: 38711
Software Authors: Lu YF.
Description: GeoKit - A geochemical toolkit for Microsoft Excel. GeoKit is a geochemical toolkit for Microsoft Excel designed with visual basic for application (VBA). The software system is composed of three components including controlling file, supporting system and working programs. The controlling file is an “addin”named “ClickOK.xla”(in Chinese), which will be automatically loaded at starting of Excel and create a user’s dropdown menu. This user’s menu controls all other functions. The supporting system consists of a database (Access) and an administering file (Excel) with which users could conveniently and efficiently manage their geochemical data. There are many working programs with different functions in GeoKit such as Scatter for Geochemistry, REE Pattern Diagram, Trace Element Ratio Spidergram, Calculation for CIPW Normative Minerals and Petrochemical Parameters, PbSrNd Isotope Parameters and so on. The GeoKit is friendship in interface and convenient in use and is a useful tool software for geological and geochemical workers.
Homepage: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-DQHX200405003.htm
Dependencies: Excel; VBA
Related Software: CGDK; GCDPlot; GeoPlot; PetroGraph; GCDkit; PetroPlot; GeoPyTool; Ge0-calc; MTpy; ObsPy; Excel; Python; Matlab; FastGAPP
Cited in: 0 Publications