swMATH ID: 38714
Software Authors: Thomas H. Brown; Robert G. Berman; Ernest H. Perkins
Description: Ge0-calc: Software package for calculation and display of pressure-temperature-composition phase diagrams using an IBM or compatible personal computer. Ge0-Calc is an interactive IBM PC and compatible software package for computing and plotting complete stable phase diagrams for any number of phases in systems of any number of components. The general program flow consists of calculation of reaction coefficients among phases in the selected chemical systems, computation of the equilibrium position for each reaction curve whereas each point on the curve is tested for metastability against all other phases, elimination of metastable extensions and of reactions that involve metastable assemblages, and plotting of all resulting curves with labels identifying the stable assemblages. Other programs in the Ge0-Calc package display the phase diagram on the screen (CGA, EGA, or HERCULES graphics adapters), print it on an Epson or compatible dot-matrix printer at the resolution of the printer and improve diagram legibility by moving the labels or replacing them automatically with numbers so reaction identifiers do not overlap.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0098300488900611
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