swMATH ID: 38751
Software Authors: A. Saska et al
Description: ccNetViz is a lightweight, high-performance javascript library for large network graphs (see graph theory) visualization using WebGL. It enables custom styling of nodes and edges in CSS like way, curve edges, dynamic changes of the network, force-directed layout and basic graph interactivity. Used for example by Cell Collective project. ccNetViz is open source library available under GPLv3 License. Our source code can be found on the github at the https://github.com/HelikarLab/ccNetViz.
Homepage: https://helikarlab.github.io/ccNetViz/
Source Code:  https://github.com/HelikarLab/ccNetViz
Dependencies: JavaScript
Related Software: Cytoscape; Argo Lite; TrajGraph; NetV.js; Carina; OSMnx; SUMO; Gephi; Dash Sylvereye
Cited in: 0 Publications