swMATH ID: 38946
Software Authors: Emmanuel Agullo, Alfredo Buttari, Abdou Guermouche, Florent Lopez
Description: qr_mumps is a software package for the solution of sparse, linear systems on multicore computers. It implements a direct solution method based on the QR or Cholesky factorization of the input matrix. Therefore, it is suited to solving sparse least-squares problems, to computing the minimum-norm solution of sparse, underdetermined problems and to solving symmetric, positive-definite sparse linear systems. It can obviously be used for solving square unsymmetric problems in which case the stability provided by the use of orthogonal transformations comes at the cost of a higher operation count with respect to solvers based on, e.g., the LU factorization such as MUMPS. qr_mumps supports real and complex, single or double precision arithmetic.
Homepage: http://buttari.perso.enseeiht.fr/qr_mumps/
Dependencies: Fortran, C, BLAS, LAPACK
Keywords: sparse direct solver; sparse factorization; sparse least-squares; least-norm problems, sparse SPD problems
Related Software: SuitSparseQR; SuiteSparseQR; SparseMatrix; StarPU; Scotch; HSL_MA87; PLASMA; MAGMA; hypre; MIQR; MUMPS; PETSc; SLEPc; LSQR; HSL; CSparse; SPIKE; AMD; UHM; DAGuE
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