swMATH ID: 39105
Software Authors: Cornia R, Patterson OV, Ginter T, Duvall SL.
Description: Leo: Making UIMA Easy. The Leo framework - The VINCI-developed Natural Language Processing(NLP) infrastructure, is a set of services and libraries that facilitate the rapid creation and deployment of Apache UIMA-AS annotators focused on NLP. Leo, named for the Spanish word meaning “I read”, was first built to support scalable deployment of NLP pipelines (VINCI now has more than 2 billion clinical text notes available). It extends the open-source Apache Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA). UIMA provides a common workflow and basic functionalities with which to develop and integrate reusable components for NLP and information extraction. Leo eliminates the maintenance required by UIMA descriptor files and generates pipelines based on parameters and type definitions provided programmatically. By providing a solid infrastructure, Leo changes the focus of NLP researchers to algorithm development. The UIMA-AS underpinning allows Leo to manage the scale needed for real-time processing. It provides remote configuration tools for enabling automatic system optimization. With its developer utilities, functionality can be added and seamlessly integrated with existing NLP services. Leo enables users to programmatically generate primitive and aggregate UIMA analysis engine descriptors and deployment descriptors.
Homepage: https://department-of-veterans-affairs.github.io/Leo/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/department-of-veterans-affairs/Leo
Dependencies: Java
Related Software: HITEx; cTAKES; NLTK; Moonstone; QuickUMLS; RuSH; medaCy; ScispaCy; MetaMap Lite; CLAMP; spaCy; Python; MedSpaCy
Cited in: 0 Publications