swMATH ID: 39185
Software Authors: Capco, Jose; Gallet, Matteo; Grasegger, Georg; Koutschan, Christoph; Lubbes, Niels; Schicho, Josef
Description: dataset LamanGraphs: The number of realizations of a Laman graph. Laman graphs model planar frameworks that are rigid for a general choice of distances between the vertices. There are finitely many ways, up to isometries, to realize a Laman graph in the plane. Such realizations can be seen as solutions of systems of quadratic equations prescribing the distances between pairs of points. Using ideas from algebraic and tropical geometry, we provide a recursive formula for the number of complex solutions of such systems.
Homepage: https://zenodo.org/record/1245517#.YN19ei35wRE
Keywords: Laman graph; minimally rigid graph; tropical geometry; Euclidean embedding; Puiseux series; graph realization; graph embedding
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Cited in: 13 Publications

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