swMATH ID: 39310
Software Authors: Antkiewicz, M., K. Czarnecki; et al.
Description: fmp: Feature Modeling Plug-in. The Feature Modeling Plug-in (fmp) is an Eclipse plug-in for editing and configuring feature models. Fmp can be used standalone in Eclipse or together with fmp2rsm plug-in in Rational Software Modeler (RSM) or Rational Software Architect (RSA). fmp2rsm integrates fmp with RSM and enables product line modeling in UML.
Homepage: https://gsd.uwaterloo.ca/fmp
Related Software: Woflan; Choco; Sat4j; YAWL; RoboHelp; FrameMaker; DocBook; DocLine; XVCL; fmp2rsm; FaMa
Cited in: 3 Documents

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