swMATH ID: 39504
Software Authors: Benedek M., Kaernbach C.
Description: Ledalab: Matlab-based software for the analysis of skin conductance data (SC; i.e., EDA, GSR). Paper: A continuous measure of phasic electrodermal activity. Electrodermal activity is characterized by the superposition of what appear to be single distinct skin conductance responses (SCRs). Classic trough-to-peak analysis of these responses is impeded by their apparent superposition. A deconvolution approach is proposed, which separates SC data into continuous signals of tonic and phasic activity. The resulting phasic activity shows a zero baseline, and overlapping SCRs are represented by predominantly distinct, compact impulses showing an average duration of less than 2 s. A time integration of the continuous measure of phasic activity is proposed as a straightforward indicator of event-related sympathetic activity. The quality and benefit of the proposed measure is demonstrated in an experiment with short interstimulus intervals as well as by means of a simulation study. The advances compared to previous decomposition methods are discussed.
Homepage: http://www.ledalab.de
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Physiolyze; gHRV; cvxEDA; SCRalyze; Kubios HRV; PyEEG; ANSLAB; Matplotlib; SciPy; Python; NumPy; pyphysio; S-PLUS; MEMSS; lme4
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