swMATH ID: 39619
Software Authors: M. Riechert; D. Meyer
Description: WRF-CMake: integrating CMake support into the Advanced Research WRF (ARW) modelling system. WRF-CMake adds CMake support to the latest version of the Advanced Research Weather Research and Forecasting model (here WRF, for short) with the intention of streamlining and simplifying its configuration and build process. In our view, the use of CMake provides model developers, code maintainers, and end-users with several advantages such as robust incremental rebuilds, flexible library dependency discovery, native tool-chains for Windows, macOS, and Linux with minimal external dependencies, thus increasing portability, and automatic generation of project files for different platforms. WRF-CMake is designed to work alongside the current releases of WRF, therefore you can still compile your code using the legacy Makefiles included in WRF and WPS for any of the currently unsupported features. For more details, please see the short summary paper WRF-CMake: integrating CMake support into the Advanced Research WRF (ARW) modelling system on the Journal of Open Source Software website.
Homepage: https://www.theoj.org/joss-papers/joss.01468/10.21105.joss.01468.pdf
Source Code: https://github.com/WRF-CMake/WRF
Keywords: JOSS; Journal of Open Source Software; Weather Research and Forecasting model; WRF; CMake; atmospheric modelling
Related Software: WTF; ParaView; EnergyPlus; HDF5; QGIS; CMake; PsychroLib; PALM; uDALES
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