swMATH ID: 39727
Software Authors: Ronny Bergmann
Description: Manopt.jl provides a framework for optimization on manifolds. Based on Manopt and MVIRT, both implemented in Matlab, this toolbox aims to provide an easy access to optimization methods on manifolds for Julia, including example data and visualization methods.
Homepage: https://manoptjl.org/stable/
Source Code:  https://github.com/JuliaManifolds/Manopt.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Keywords: Manopt.jl; Optimization; Manifolds; Julia; JOSS publication; Journal of Open Source Software; Riemannian manifolds
Related Software: Manopt; ROPTLIB; Pymanopt; Manifolds.jl; Julia; RecPF; MVIRT; Geoopt; McTorch; geomstats; ManifoldOptim; ALGENCAN; UCI-ml; MADMM; Camino
Cited in: 3 Publications

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