swMATH ID: 39891
Software Authors: Keni Zhang, Yu-Shu Wu, Karsten Pruess
Description: TOUGH2-MP is a massively parallel version of TOUGH2. It was developed for running on distributed-memory parallel computers to solve large simulation problems that may not be solved by the standard, single-CPU TOUGH2 code. TOUGH2-MP implements an efficient massively parallel scheme, while preserving the full capacity and flexibility of the original TOUGH2 code. It uses the METIS software package for grid partitioning and AZTEC linear-equation solver. The standard MPI message-passing interface is adopted for communication among processors. The parallel code has been successfully applied from multi-core PCs to supercomputers on real field problems of multi-million-cell simulations for three-dimensional multiphase and multicomponent fluid and heat flow, as well as solute transport.
Homepage: https://tough.lbl.gov/software/tough2-mp-software/
Related Software: ParSWMS; Scalasca; Cube; PAPI; TOUGH; RichardsFOAM; ParFlow; PFLOTRAN; Aztec; p4est; OpenFOAM; METIS; AztecOO; PETSc; SUNDIALS; hypre
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