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Software Authors: Wong, Louis Ngai Yuen; Cui, Xin
Description: DDFS3D: A set of open-source codes leveraging hybrid 3D displacement discontinuity method and fictitious stress method to simulate fractures. Underground engineering is becoming increasingly sophisticated in recent years, exemplified by shale gas recovery, nuclear waste disposal and enhanced geothermal systems. Displacement Discontinuity Method (DDM) and Fictitious Stress Method (FSM) are two branches of boundary element method which can efficiently and accurately simulate fractures and openings embedded in large spatial domains. Nevertheless, in literature, studies engaging DDM/FSM to perform the aforementioned hot-topic research are rare, and one of the key reasons lies in the inconvenient access to DDM-FSM programs. In this study, we provide DDFS3D, a set of open-source codes incorporating the commonly used constant triangular and quadrilateral elements to implement 3D DDM, FSM and the hybrid of the two. The constant triangular element is reproduced from early studies, while the constant quadrilateral element is an independent work presented in this study. Gaussian quadrature and Hadamard finite-part integral are utilized to evaluate the regular and strongly singular integrals, respectively. To the authors’ best knowledge, DDFS3D is the first and the only open-source codes for 3D DDM-FSM implementation. We hope it could promote the application of DDM-FSM and advance the role of DDFS in coping with the ever-increasing new challenges in underground engineering.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0955799721001624
Keywords: open-source codes; DDFS(^{ ext{3D}}); displacement discontinuity method; fictitious stress method; fractures
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