swMATH ID: 39938
Software Authors: Paul Ricchiazzi, Shiren Yang, Catherine Gautier
Description: SBDART (Santa Barbara DISORT Atmospheric Radiative Transfer) is a FORTRAN computer code designed for the analysis of a wide variety of radiative transfer problems encountered in satellite remote sensing and atmospheric energy budget studies. The program is based on a collection of highly developed and reliable physical models, which have been developed by the atmospheric science community over the past few decades. The following discussion is a brief introduction to the key components of the code and the models on which they are based
Homepage: http://irina.eas.gatech.edu/EAS8803_Fall2007/SBDART_Introduction.pdf
Source Code:  https://github.com/paulricchiazzi/SBDART
Related Software: ROCKE-3D; climlab; REBOUND; GPlaSim; CAM3; ExoCAM; ECOSTRESS; PlaSim; Jupyter; Python; ExoPlaSim
Cited in: 0 Publications