swMATH ID: 39941
Software Authors: Paradise A., Borth H., Lunkeit F., Kirk E.
Description: alphaparrot/GPlaSim: Radiative Flexibility. Gerneral Circulation Models Planet Simulator (PlaSim) and PUMA. Modifications necessary for a diversity of atmospheres, in particular with a wide range of pN2. A key modification is a change to how Rayleigh scattering is calculated, so that thick N2 atmospheres are quite reflective and opaque at altitudes above the surface. This version also contains modifications necessary for modelling tidally-locked planets.
Homepage: https://zenodo.org/record/2602241#.YT3GyC35yiI
Source Code:  https://github.com/alphaparrot/ExoPlaSim/
Related Software: ROCKE-3D; climlab; REBOUND; CAM3; ExoCAM; SBDART; ECOSTRESS; PlaSim; Jupyter; Python; ExoPlaSim
Cited in: 0 Publications