swMATH ID: 39942
Software Authors: Brian E. J. Rose
Description: climlab: Python package for process-oriented climate modeling. climlab is a flexible engine for process-oriented climate modeling. It is based on a very general concept of a model as a collection of individual, interacting processes. climlab defines a base class called Process, which can contain an arbitrarily complex tree of sub-processes (each also some sub-class of Process). Every climate process (radiative, dynamical, physical, turbulent, convective, chemical, etc.) can be simulated as a stand-alone process model given appropriate input, or as a sub-process of a more complex model. New classes of model can easily be defined and run interactively by putting together an appropriate collection of sub-processes.
Homepage: https://climlab.readthedocs.io/en/latest/intro.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/brian-rose/climlab
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: ROCKE-3D; REBOUND; GPlaSim; CAM3; ExoCAM; SBDART; ECOSTRESS; PlaSim; Jupyter; Python; ExoPlaSim
Cited in: 0 Publications