swMATH ID: 39976
Software Authors: Vreeswijk, Paul; Paterson, Kerry
Description: BlackBOX: BlackGEM and MeerLICHT image reduction software. BlackBOX performs standard CCD image reduction tasks on multiple images from the BlackGEM and MeerLICHT telescopes. It uses the satdet module of ASCtools (ascl:2011.024) and Astro-SCRAPPY (ascl:1907.032). BlackBOX simultaneously uses multi-processing and multi-threading and feeds the reduced images to ZOGY (ascl:2105.010) to ultimately perform optimal image subtraction and detect transient sources.
Homepage: https://ascl.net/2105.011
Source Code:  https://github.com/pmvreeswijk/BlackBOX
Related Software: Deep-HiTS; SExtractor; FRBID; Adam; Astro-SCRAPPY; Keras; TensorFlow; Jupyter; ZOGY; Python; MeerCRAB
Cited in: 0 Publications