swMATH ID: 40019
Software Authors: W. Chen, P. M. Feng, H. Tang, et al.
Description: RAMPred: Identifying the N-1-methyladenosine sites in eukaryotic transcriptomes. N1-methyladenosine (m1A) is a prominent RNA modification involved in many biological processes. Accurate identification of m1A site is invaluable for better understanding the biological functions of m1A. However, limitations in experimental methods preclude the progress towards the identification of m1A site. As an excellent complement of experimental methods, a support vector machine based-method called RAMPred is proposed to identify m1A sites in H. sapiens, M. musculus and S. cerevisiae genomes for the first time. In this method, RNA sequences are encoded by using nucleotide chemical property and nucleotide compositions. RAMPred achieves promising performances in jackknife tests, cross cell line tests and cross species tests, indicating that RAMPred holds very high potential to become a useful tool for identifying m1A sites. For the convenience of experimental scientists, a web-server based on the proposed model was constructed and could be freely accessible at http://lin.uestc.edu.cn/server/RAMPred.
Homepage: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep31080
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