swMATH ID: 40041
Software Authors: H. Strubbe
Description: Manual for SCHOONSCHIP a CDC 6000/7000 program for symbolic evaluation of algebraic expressions. SCHOONSCHIP is a high-speed program which is capable of evaluating expressions of the form: (A1 + B1 + …)∗(A2 + B2 + …)∗ … + (AA1 + BB1 + …)∗…, where ∗ denotes multiplication and where A1, B1, etc., may be products of numbers, algebraic symbols, vectors, functions, etc., or further expressions enclosed in brackets. Moreover, an elaborate set of substitutions and commands is provided which allows one to perform most of the commonly required algebraic manipulations. Many special operations which are used in high-energy physics calculations, are built in as well. Its results can be given again as input for further processing, hence using the computer as a writing pad. Output, compatible with FORTRAN, can be obtained on punched cards and inserted directly into a numerical program
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0010465574900812
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