swMATH ID: 40076
Software Authors: Tosi, Z., Yoshimi, J.
Description: Simbrain 3.0: A flexible, visually-oriented neural network simulator. Simbrain 3.0 is a software package for neural network design and analysis, which emphasizes flexibility (arbitrarily complex networks can be built using a suite of basic components) and a visually rich, intuitive interface. These features support both students and professionals. Students can study all of the major classes of neural networks in a familiar graphical setting, and can easily modify simulations, experimenting with networks and immediately seeing the results of their interventions. With the 3.0 release, Simbrain supports models on the order of thousands of neurons and a million synapses. This allows the same features that support education to support research professionals, who can now use the tool to quickly design, run, and analyze the behavior of large, highly customizable simulations.
Homepage: http://www.simbrain.net
Source Code:  https://github.com/simbrain/simbrain
Dependencies: None
Related Software: Python; SpineML; NineML; neuroConstruct; CxSystem; PyNEST; Nengo; GeNN; NEST; Brian; Pynn; NeuroML; NEURON
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