swMATH ID: 4009
Software Authors: Toh, K.C.; Todd, M.J.; Tütüncü, R.H.
Description: This software is designed to solve conic programming problems whose constraint cone is a product of semidefinite cones, second-order cones, nonnegative orthants and Euclidean spaces; and whose objective function is the sum of linear functions and log-barrier terms associated with the constraint cones. This includes the special case of determinant maximization problems with linear matrix inequalities. It employs an infeasible primal-dual predictor-corrector path-following method, with either the HKM or the NT search direction. The basic code is written in Matlab, but key subroutines in C are incorporated via Mex files. Routines are provided to read in problems in either SDPA or SeDuMi format. Sparsity and block diagonal structure are exploited. We also exploit low-rank structures in the constraint matrices associated the semidefinite blocks if such structures are explicitly given. To help the users in using our software, we also include some examples to illustrate the coding of problem data for our SQLP solver. Various techniques to improve the efficiency and stability of the algorithm are incorporated. For example, step-lengths associated with semidefinite cones are calculated via the Lanczos method. Numerical experiments show that this general purpose code can solve more than 80
Homepage: http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/~mattohkc/sdpt3.html
Operating Systems: multi platform
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: SeDuMi; YALMIP; CVX; SDPA; CSDP; Mosek; Matlab; GloptiPoly; SDPLIB; Sostools; SDPLR; Benchmarks for Optimization Software; PENNON; COL; SparsePOP; SDPNAL+; DIMACS; SDPHA; CPLEX; SDPpack
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