swMATH ID: 40100
Software Authors: Derek Fujimoto
Description: bfit is a Python application aimed to aid in the analysis of β-detected nuclear magnetic/quadrupole resonance (β-NMR and β-NQR) data taken at TRIUMF. These techniques are similar to muon spin rotation (μSR) and ”conventional” nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), but use radioactive nuclei as their NMR probe in place of the muon or a stable isotope. The instruments and research program are governed through TRIUMF’s CMMS, with more information given at https://bnmr.triumf.ca. An overview of instrumentation details and scientific applications of the β-NMR/β-NQR techniques can be found in several recent journal articles: W. A. MacFarlane. Implanted-ion βNMR: a new probe for nanoscience. Solid State Nucl. Magn. Reson. 68-69, 1-12 (2015). G. D. Morris. β-NMR. Hyperfine Interact. 225, 173-182 (2014).
Homepage: https://pypi.org/project/bfit/
Source Code:  https://github.com/dfujim/bfit
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Beta-Detected NMR; Journal of Open Source Software; Python; bfit; nuclear magnetic resonance; TRIUMF
Related Software: Tkinter; Mantid; SciPy; Musrfit; BnmrOffice; WIMDA; Python
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