swMATH ID: 40103
Software Authors: Suter, A., Wojek, B. M.
Description: Musrfit: A Free Platform-Independent Framework for μSR Data Analysis. Afree data-analysis framework forμSR has been developed. musrfit is fully written in C++, is running under GNU/Linux, MacOSX, as well as Microsoft Windows, andis distributed under the termsof the GNU GPL.Itis based on the CERN ROOT framework and is utilizing the Minuit2 optimization routines for fitting. It consists of a set of programmes allowing the user to analyze and visualize the data.The fitting process is controlled by an ASCII-input file with an extended syntax. A dedicated text editoris helping the user to createand handle these files in an efficient way, execute the fitting, show the data, get online help, and so on. Aversatile tool for the generation of new input files and the extraction of fit parameters is provided as well. musrfit facilitates a plugin mechanism allowing to invoke user-defined functions. Hence, the functionality of the framework can be extended with a minimal amount of overhead for the user. Currently, musrfit can read the followingfacility raw-data files: PSI-BIN, MDU (PSI), ROOT (LEM/PSI), WKM (outdated ASCII format), MUD (TRIUMF), NeXus (ISIS).
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S187538921201228X
Related Software: Tkinter; Mantid; SciPy; BnmrOffice; WIMDA; Python; bfit
Cited in: 0 Publications