swMATH ID: 40283
Software Authors: Xin Huang, Yan Sun, Saptarshi Chatterjee, Paul Trow
Description: R package SubgrpID: Patient Subgroup Identification for Clinical Drug Development. Function Wrapper contains four algorithms for developing threshold-based multivariate (prognostic/predictive) biomarker signatures via bootstrapping and aggregating of thresholds from trees, Monte-Carlo variations of the Adaptive Indexing method and Patient Rule Induction Method. Variable selection is automatically built-in to these algorithms. Final signatures are returned with interaction plots for predictive signatures. Cross-validation performance evaluation and testing dataset results are also output.
Homepage: http://cran.nexr.com/web/packages/SubgrpID/index.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: ggplot2; SIDES; FindIt; quint; EffectTreat; BayesTree; model4you; DynTxRegime; Kernlab; gbm; mgcv; survival; glmnet; R; personalized
Cited in: 0 Publications