swMATH ID: 40366
Software Authors: Miguel F. Paulos
Description: JuliBootS: a hands-on guide to the conformal bootstrap. We introduce JuliBootS, a package for numerical conformal bootstrap computations coded in Julia. The centre-piece of JuliBootS is an implementation of Dantzig’s simplex method capable of handling arbitrary precision linear programming problems with continuous search spaces. Current supported features include conformal dimension bounds, OPE bounds, and bootstrap with or without global symmetries. The code is trivially parallelizable on one or multiple machines. We exemplify usage extensively with several real-world applications. In passing we give a pedagogical introduction to the numerical bootstrap methods.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1412.4127
Source Code:  https://github.com/mfpaulos/JuliBoots
Dependencies: Julia
Related Software: SDPB; PyCFTBoot; CFTs4D; Mathematica; ConformalBlocks; NumPy; SymPy; ORTHPOL; Matplotlib; GitHub; CBoot; LieART; SDPA
Cited in: 32 Documents

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