swMATH ID: 4055
Software Authors: Polthier, K., Preuss, E., Hildebrandt, K., Reitebuch, U.
Description: JavaView is a 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software. The web-integration allows display of 3D geometries and interactive geometry experiments in any HTML document on the internet. JavaView also runs as application on local computers from a Unix or Dos command prompt. The open API of JavaView enables a smooth integration as 3D viewer and advanced visualization toolkit into commercial software like Mathematica and Maple.
Homepage: http://www.javaview.de/
Programming Languages: Java
Operating Systems: Win/NT, Macintosh, Unix
Dependencies: Java_1.1
Keywords: Interactive 3D Geometry and Visualization
Related Software: polymake; cdd; Macaulay2; EG-Models; GeoGebra; 3dprintmath; 4ti2; LattE; SageMath; Normaliz; nauty; QEPCAD; lrs; SingSurf; CGAL; SINGULAR; CoCoA; jReality; Knot Atlas; JavaViewLib
Cited in: 16 Publications

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