swMATH ID: 40569
Software Authors: Kälberer, Felix; Nieser, Matthias; Polthier, Konrad
Description: QuadCover – surface parameterization using branched coverings. We introduce an algorithm for the automatic computation of global parameterizations on arbitrary simplicial 2-manifolds, whose parameter lines are guided by a given frame field, for example, by principal curvature frames. The parameter lines are globally continuous and allow a remeshing of the surface into quadrilaterals. The algorithm converts a given frame field into a single vector field on a branched covering of the 2-manifold and generates an integrable vector field by a Hodge decomposition on the covering space. Except for an optional smoothing and alignment of the initial frame field, the algorithm is fully automatic and generates high quality quadrilateral meshes.
Homepage: https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
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