swMATH ID: 40606
Software Authors: Christian Himpe, Sara Grundel
Description: morgen - Model Order Reduction of Gas and Energy Networks. morgen is an open-source MATLAB and OCTAVE test platform to compare models, solvers, and model reduction methods (reductors) for gas networks and other energy network systems that are based on the (isothermal) Euler equations.
Homepage: https://git.io/morgen
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Model Reduction; Gas Networks; Euler Equations; Gas Network Simulation; Model Reduction; Digital Twins; Matlab; Empirical Gramians
Related Software: MathEnergy; MATLAB ODE suite; emgr; Matlab; GasLib; ode23; MYNTS; MATPOWER; SIMONE
Referenced in: 3 Publications
Further Publications: https://github.com/mpimd-csc/morgen#references

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Model Order Reduction for Gas and Energy Networks
Christian Himpe, Sara Grundel, Peter Benner

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