swMATH ID: 4061
Software Authors: Tatjana Stykel, Andreas Steinbrecher, Hatim Aziz Salih
Description: The efficient and robust numerical simulation of electrical circuits plays a major role in computer aided design of electronic devices. While the structural size of the electrical devices is decreasing, the complexity of the electrical circuits is increasing. This usually leads to a system of model equations in form of differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) consisting up to millions or even more unknowns. Simulation of such large models is mostly impossible or, at least, unacceptably time and storage consuming. Model order reduction presents a way out of this dilemma. A general idea of model order reduction is to replace a large-scale system by a much smaller model which approximates the input-output relation of the large-scale system within a required accuracy. The present the MATLAB-Toolbox PABTEC - PAssivity-preserving Balanced Truncation method for Electrical Circuits is designed for model order reduction and numerical integration of model equations of electrical circuits.
Homepage: http://page.math.tu-berlin.de/~anst/Forschung/Circuits/PABTEC/
Programming Languages: MATLAB
Dependencies: MATLAB
Keywords: MNA analysis; PABTEC; differential-algebraic equations; electrical circuits; model reduction; passivity; stability; index
Related Software: Matlab; STCSSP; mctoolbox; PMTBR; toms/782; RRQR; SIMPACK; NLEVP; Loewner; PSAPSR; benchmodred; Seigtool; Eigtool; deal.ii; DASSL; SuperLU; rbMIT; RODAS; JDQR; Algorithm 854
Cited in: 11 Publications

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