swMATH ID: 40618
Software Authors: MathWorks
Description: SimPowerSystems™ extends Simulink® with tools for modeling and simulating the generation, Transmission, distribution, and consumption of electrical power. It provides models of many components used in these systems, including three-phase machines, electric drives, and libraries of application-specific models such as Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and wind-power generation. Harmonic analysis, calculation of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), load flow, and other key power system analyses are automated. SimPowerSystems models can be discretized to speed up simulations. SimPowerSystems supports the development of complex, self-contained power systems, such as those in automobiles, aircraft, manufacturing plants, and power utility applications. You can combine SimPowerSystems with other MathWorks physical modeling products to model complex interactions in multidomain physical systems. The block libraries and simulation methods in SimPowerSystems were developed by Hydro-Québec of Montreal.
Homepage: https://simpowersystems.apponic.com
Related Software: Simulink; Matlab; PSIM; LMI toolbox; PID_tuning
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