swMATH ID: 40624
Software Authors: Pfingsten, W.
Description: MCOTAC (Modular Coupling Of Transport And Chemistry) calculates groundwater hydraulics, transport of solutes and their geochemical interaction with solids in one or two spatial dimensions using a multi-species random walk method. The coupling is done sequentially, i.e. using ex- change terms between the different modules with and without iterations in between. Consequently, back-coupling between different processes is included. This allows the modeling of quite complex geochemical systems, as for example, mineral dissolution and its influence on solute transport of radionu- clides: Mineral dissolution influences flow and transport prop- erties due to changed porosity, related hydraulic conductivity and also diffusivity. Changed flow and transport conditions influence in turn dissolution processes. The result is a “fully coupled” hydro-geochemical reactive transport model (see e.g. [39–41] or http://www.polyql.ethz.ch/pmwiki.php?n= Main.MCOTAC).
Homepage: http://www.polyql.ethz.ch/pmwiki.php?n=Main.MCOTACIntroduction
Related Software: GEMSelektor; PhreeqcRM; TSolMod; GEMS3K; FLOTRAN; OpenGeoSys; CORE2D; PHREEQC; COMSOL
Cited in: 1 Publication
Further Publications: http://www.polyql.ethz.ch/pmwiki.php?n=Main.MCOTACReferences

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