swMATH ID: 4070
Software Authors: U. Ellwanger, C. Hugonie
Description: NMSPEC: A Fortran code for the sparticle and Higgs masses in the NMSSM with GUT scale boundary conditions. NMSPEC is a Fortran code that computes the sparticle and Higgs masses, as well as Higgs decay widths and couplings in the NMSSM, with soft susy breaking terms specified at MGUTMGUT. Exceptions are the soft singlet mass View the MathML sourcems2 and the singlet self-coupling κ , that are both determined in terms of the other parameters through the minimization equations of the Higgs potential. We present a first analysis of the NMSSM parameter space with universal susy breaking terms at MGUTMGUT—except for msms and AκAκ—that passes present experimental constraints on sparticle and Higgs masses. We discuss in some detail a region in parameter space where a SM-like Higgs boson decays dominantly into two CP odd singlet-like Higgs states.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0010465507002263
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