swMATH ID: 4071
Software Authors: Ulrich Ellwanger; C.-C. Jean-Louis
Description: NMGMSB allows to compute the sparticle and Higgs masses, Higgs decay widths and couplings in the NMSSM, where soft Susy breaking terms are specified at by gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking, plus terms originating from couplings of the Singlet to messengers. The boundary conditions at the messenger scale are taken from the paper below, and described in the file README. Either the soft Singlet mass or a Susy tadpole term XIS are determined in terms of the other parameters through the minimization equations of the Higgs potential. Sample input- and output files (amongst others for the points P1 - P5 in the paper) are included. It is part of the NMSSMTools package described below.
Homepage: http://www.th.u-psud.fr/NMHDECAY/nmssmtools.html
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