swMATH ID: 40714
Software Authors: Joan Daemen, Pedro Maat Costa Massolino, Yann Rotella, Dobraunig, C., Eichlseder, M., Mendal, F., Schäffer, M
Description: The Subterranean 2.0 cipher suite. This paper presents the Subterranean 2.0 cipher suite that can be used for hashing, MAC computation, stream encryption and several types of session authenticated encryption schemes. At its core it has a duplex object with a 257-bit state and a lightweight single-round permutation. This makes Subterranean 2.0 very well suited for low-area and low-energy implementations in dedicated hardware.
Homepage: https://csrc.nist.gov/CSRC/media/Projects/lightweight-cryptography/documents/round-2/spec-doc-rnd2/subterranean-spec-round2.pdf
Keywords: Subterranean 2.0; permutation-based crypto; keystream bias; state collision; state recovery
Related Software: Tornado; Gimli; Usuba; tightPROVE; spongent; SPECK; SIMON; SIMECK
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Security analysis of subterranean 2.0. Zbl 1469.94113
Song, Ling; Tu, Yi; Shi, Danping; Hu, Lei

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