swMATH ID: 4078
Software Authors: Backes, Michael; Lorenz, Stefan; Maffei, Matteo; Pecina, Kim
Description: The CASPA tool: Causality-based abstraction for security protocol analysis. Tool paper CASPA constitutes a push-button tool for automatically proving secrecy and authenticity properties of cryptographic protocols. The tool is grounded on a novel technique for causality-based abstraction of protocol executions that allows establishing proofs of security for an unbounded number of concurrent protocol executions in an automated manner. We demonstrate the expressiveness and efficiency of the tool by drawing a comparison with T4ASP, the static analyzer for secrecy properties offered by the AVISPA tool. CASPA is capable of coping with a substantially larger set of protocols, and excels in performance.
Homepage: http://www.infsec.cs.uni-saarland.de/caspa/home.htm
Related Software: F*; TAMARIN; Cryptyc; OFMC; ProVerif; AVISPA; Isabelle
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