swMATH ID: 40785
Software Authors: Dou M, Khamis S, Degtyarev Y, Davidson P, Fanello SR, Kowdle A, Escolano SO, Rhemann C, Kim D, Taylor J, et al.
Description: Fusion4D: Real-time Performance Capture of Challenging Scenes. We contribute a new pipeline for live multi-view performance capture, generating temporally coherent high-quality reconstructions in real-time. Our algorithm supports both incremental reconstruction, improving the surface estimation over time, as well as parameterizing the nonrigid scene motion. Our approach is highly robust to both large frame-to-frame motion and topology changes, allowing us to reconstruct extremely challenging scenes. We demonstrate advantages over related real-time techniques that either deform an online generated template or continually fuse depth data nonrigidly into a single reference model. Finally, we show geometric reconstruction results on par with offline methods which require orders of magnitude more processing time and many more RGBD cameras.
Homepage: https://3dvar.com/Dou2016Fusion4D.pdf
Related Software: FineGym; NeuralHumanFVV; AMASS; SMPL; MoSh; SSD; MS-COCO; Pose2Body; VIBE; Adam; ChallenCap; TightCap; OpenPose; ActivityNet; SportsCap; KinectFusion
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