swMATH ID: 40833
Software Authors: Wageringel M.
Description: fgb_sag: Sage interface for FGb. This package is a SageMath interface to FGb and can be installed as a Python package for use with Sage. It provides a simple link between the C-interface of FGb and polynomials and ideals in Sage. FGb is a C-library by J. C. Faugère for Gröbner basis computations, with support for: Gröbner bases over ℚ and finite prime fields; parallel computations (over finite fields); elimination/block orders (degree-reverse-lexicographic, only)
Homepage: https://fgb-sage.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#module-fgb_sage
Related Software: Sidon Cryptosystem; ZHFE; M4GB; FGb
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