swMATH ID: 40846
Software Authors: Schweidtmann, Artur M.; Bongartz, Dominik; Grothe, Daniel; Kerkenhoff, Tim; Lin, Xiaopeng; Najman, Jaromił; Mitsos, Alexander
Description: MeLOn - Machine Learning models for Optimization. MeLOn provides scripts for the training of various machine-learning models and their C++ implementation which can be used in the open-source solver MAiNGO. The machine-learning module git repository currently contains the following models: Artificial neural networks for regression; Gaussian processes for regression (also known as Kriging); Support vector machine for regression; One-class support vector classification; Convex hull of point cloud. Further models are under current develpment and will be published soon.
Homepage: https://git.rwth-aachen.de/avt-svt/public/MeLOn
Keywords: Kriging; machine learning; Bayesian optimization; acquisition function; chance-constrained programming; reduced-space; expected improvement
Related Software: MAiNGO; EAGO.jl; jHoles; libMC; Ripser.py; Keras; Python; Scikit; SciPy; Pyomo; libALE; ARGONAUT; NLopt; ANTIGONE; filib++; CLP; FADBAD++; CPLEX; SNOPT; TOMP
Cited in: 2 Documents
Further Publications: https://git.rwth-aachen.de/avt-svt/public/MeLOn#references

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