swMATH ID: 40856
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Description: mdsmat - Multidimensional scaling of proximity data in a matrix. mdsmat performs multidimensional scaling (MDS) for two-way proximity data with an explicit measure of similarity or dissimilarity between objects, where the proximities are found in a user- specified matrix. mdsmat performs classical metric MDS as well as modern metric and nonmetric MDS. If your proximities are stored as variables in long format, see [MV] mdslong. If you are looking for MDS on a dataset on the basis of dissimilarities between observations over variables, see [MV] mds.
Homepage: https://www.stata.com/manuals/mvmdsmat.pdf
Dependencies: Stata
Related Software: multicore; snow; Label.switching; Rcpp; SAS; JAGS; CRAN Task Views; latentnet; Stan; stats4; ggplot2; modeltools; bayesplot; CODA; Mcmcpack; smacof; Stata; SPSS; PROXSCAL; R
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