swMATH ID: 40968
Software Authors: Harker M, O’Leary P
Description: MATLAB grad2Surf: Surface Reconstruction from Gradient Fields. This toolbox is for the reconstruction of a surface from its measured gradient field. It is assumed that the gradient field is corrupted by noise, and thereby the package provides algorithms which compute the least-squares solution to the problem, along with various forms of regularization, including: 1) Spectral Regularization, 2) Tikhonov Regularization, 3) Constrained Regularization (Dirichlet Boundary Values) , 4) Weighted Least-Squares
Homepage: https://de.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/43149-surface-reconstruction-from-gradient-fields-grad2surf-version-1-0?s_tid=FX_rc1_behav
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Excel
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1 Mathematical Geosciences

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